We offer Wood flooring across London

At Dacha Oak, we are the leading producer and supplier of wood flooring London. The inherent beauty and durability of our wood flooring products is something that we are truly proud to provide our many satisfied customers with.

By combining our commitment to the quality of our products with our top notch service we are the leading supplier of wood flooring in the capital. Dacha Oak is the partner that you can truly rely on for the provision of wood flooring solutions across central and greater London.

With Our Own Sawmill and Factory

We offer only the best wood flooring across London. We have the advantage of our very own cutting edge sawmill and factory facilities. This means that you can cut out the middleman and we can concentrate our energies on producing and providing the most cost effective high quality wood flooring to you at the most cost-effective price.
Because we control our own wood and timber production facilities we source our wood directly from the best forests in Europe. Being in control of the entire sourcing, production and finishing process meaning that everything that we produce is the best available. The high quality of our timber products is thus totally assured from the selection of the best wood to our final supply to you..



How to install the best wood flooring

The task of installing wood flooring in London is a specialist job.  It is important to select both a reliable installer and the most long lasting wood flooring product to ensure both the long life of the floor and its lasting beauty. The floor must be fitted professionally, with the potential expansion and warping due to our changeable weather conditions, being taken into account.

Wood will naturally change dimension if exposed to warm and dry conditions followed by cold and damp conditions.  That is why you should only install wood flooring that is naturally resistant to London’s changeable weather and climate. With our many years of specialist experience we can help. Many satisfied customers will attest to the quality of our wood flooring across London and beyond.

The perfect partner for all your wood flooring desires

Our simple philosophy has established us as the perfect partner for architects, designers, builders and property developer’s wood flooring needs in the capital from North to South London and across from East to West London.

A wealth of wooden flooring products, accessories and mouldings are always in stock and available for you to select from in our state of the art climate controlled facilities.

Preserving our forests sustainably

At Dacha Oak, our firm commitment to the planets woodland ecology and the environment means that our wood and Oak products will normally be fully FSC certified to help ensure the future of our forests.

Renowned leaders in wood and timber procurement

We are always researching new ideas, trends and techniques in the world of wood so that we can produce and supply  you with the most ecologically sound, durable, innovatively designed and aesthetically appealing products for all of your wood flooring requirements.

We pride ourselves on a wood floor job well done whether your project is in Notting Hill, Docklands, the City or West End of London.

There are many different flooring styles

Floors naturally come in many different styles such as Wooden Parquet floors, Engineered or Laminate wooden floors, Tiles, Carpets and Cushion flooring but only traditional wood flooring, whether engineered laminate or solid wood, offers you the lasting beauty and resilience that you ought to be considering.

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If you are searching for wood flooring advice get in touch to share the breadth of our knowledge.