Wood flooring Essex

Dacha Oak is the leading producer and supplier of wood flooring across the county of Essex. We are proud to produce and supply our fabulous wood flooring products to our myriad of satisfied customers.

The Dacha Oak Sawmill and factory sets us apart from all the rest!

With the real advantage of our very own cutting edge sawmill and factory you can cut out the middleman! This means that you can purchase a superior flooring product at a cheaper price than elsewhere and what could be better than that?

Controlling our own wood and timber production facilities means that we source our wood directly from only the best forests across Europe. By sourcing, producing and finishing the wood flooring ourselves, we can ensure that it is reliably the best available. You can always be totally assured that you are getting the best from us!

Good husbandry of our forests

With our firm commitment to woodland ecology and the environment we do our best to ensure the future of our forests. Our products are therefore usually sustainably produced with FSC certification.
Leaders in wood flooring

By continually researching new trends, new ideas and new techniques we can produce and supply you with the most durable, sustainable and innovatively designed aesthetically pleasing wood flooring products.
We want to help you to get the job well done whether your wood flooring project is in Chigwell, Colchester, Clacton or Chingford. We cover the whole A to Z of Essex here at Dacha Oak!



Get the flooring solution that is right for your project

There are, it goes without saying, innumerable wooden flooring solutions to choose from for your flooring project, from Wooden Parquet floors and Engineered or Laminate wooden floors to Oak planks, the choice has never been so wide.

We believe if you are thinking of traditional Tiles, Carpets or Cushion flooring that you should first consider the true beauty and durability of traditional and contemporary wood flooring before making your final decision!

A quick guide to installing wood flooring in Essex

The job of installing wood flooring in Essex is a specialist job requiring specialist tools and techniques.  It is therefore vitally important that you select an experienced wooden floor installer.

You should also select the most durable wood flooring product to ensure its long life and persistent beauty. The potential expansion and warping of the wood, due to our changeable weather conditions, must be being taken into account.

Timber products will naturally change dimension when they are exposed to warm and dry conditions followed by cold and damp conditions.  You should therefore only install wood flooring that is both naturally and chemically resistant to the changeable weather and climate conditions of Essex County.

You should bear these major factors in mind during your wood floor installation project to ensure success and longevity:

  • Damp – Reduce as much as possible.
  • Cold – Heating will negate cold but should not be direct.
  • Heat – Air Conditioning and ventilation will help to alleviate issues
  • Dry – Excessive drying can be detrimental to the wood surface, Humidifiers can help.
  • Finish the surface with an appropriate Varnish, Wax, Plastic protection coating or stain.
  • Finally, leave Expansion gaps and joints in the finished floor so that the wood can move.

We are here to help

We have a friendly experienced specialist team of advisers waiting to help you.

If you are looking for wood flooring advice then get in touch so that we can indeed help by sharing our knowledge with you.