Solid Oak Flooring London wide

If you looking for the very best in quality solid oak flooring in London at the right price then we can help you to achieve you goal right here at Dacha Oak. Whether you are installing a new hardwood floor in the City or West End of London, we are here waiting to assist you in your endeavours!

Our coverage spans right across the capital city and reaches from Ilford in the East-end of London across to Twickenham in the west and from Clapham in South London to Notting Hill in the North of London.

Our overriding objective is to help you to get your flooring job done to perfection every time whether you are centrally located in Chelsea, Mayfair, Knightsbridge or Kensington and indeed elsewhere across town. Wherever you have flooring requirements we can help, whatever the size and location of your project!

Quality Flooring Products

Our state of the art climate controlled environment means that our Oak and hardwood timber is always stored, ready for rapid despatch and use, at the correct ambient temperature and humidity reading. In this way we help you to ensure that your floor installation is free from those undesirable and unexpected warping issues that can occur post installation from time to time.

We are also proud to stock an exceptionally wide range of quality Oak mouldings and specialist wooden floor planking products to get your job completed successfully and on budget.



Look for Solid Oak Hardwood of distinction that can stand London’s weather!

You will most certainly know, as a specialist floor installer, that selecting a solid Oak floor means determining whether your choice is as resistant as possible to the changeable climactic conditions often encountered in London due to the proximity of the river Thames and the nearby English Channel.

London has a rather temperate maritime climate due to it being geographically close to both the river Thames and the sea which means hot dry weather can quickly turn cold and damp so make sure that the Oak products that you select do not warp and are up to the job!

Putting the environment first and foremost

We place a huge emphasis on putting the future of our forests first and foremost so that future generations can fully enjoy our woodland and forest environments.

In order to do this we replace any trees used by planting new saplings in their place as soon as it is practical to do so. It is in our woodland and forest settings that the natural beauty of the trees really shines through throughout the glades. Thanks to our forestry experts, we can happily do our bit and help to ensure that this always remains the case into the future.

Our responsibility is clear to see and something that we are proud to maintain and by professionally up-keeping these natural settings, we always do our best. Due to this we are proud to say that at Dacha Oak we are truly a company that is a cut above all the rest! We will always aim to deliver on our promise to provide the best product at the best price to you whilst maintaining natures balance.

Fabulous solid Oak flooring across London

Thanks to our woodlands and European forests we stay in total control of the whole solid oak production process assuring total quality throughout all stages of the process.

As proud owners of both a saw-mill and nearby production facilities you stand to get the best possible value for your money with us, you can count on that!

Get in touch with, we are here to help

If you have any questions regarding solid oak flooring in London then just call us or use our contact us page. We offer a friendly, helpful and personal service for your entire specialist flooring needs.