Oak wood is simply the best

Getting the best result for your clients by installing the most hard-wearing product for both long service and lasting beauty is where we come into the equation as your professional Oak wood flooring specialist and partner!

It is important that you choose Oak wooden floors that are resistant to our variable and fast changing weather conditions. Due to our many years of experience, attested to by our many satisfied customers, we are well placed to help you!

We will always endeavour to help you to get your project completed both on budget and on time with the assistance of our advanced manufacturing, curing, storage and delivery processes.

Dacha Oak’s products and accessories are always available and in stock ready for when you need them most.

With everything from quality graded solid Oak flooring to a comprehensive selection of Oak mouldings and other accoutrements, we have what it takes to get the job done for you.

Dacha Oak has a Sawmill and factory of its own ensuring the highest quality at the lowest price

By owning both a saw-mill and factory warehouse you can really cut out the middleman and go straight to the natural source of the beautiful hardwood that is Oak with us!

Only by owning our own Oak cutting, sawing and production facilities can we maintain a high level of quality and provide you with the very best prices. Our Oak is sourced only from Europe which naturally puts us in complete control of the whole sourcing, production and finishing process. Thus our quality is totally assured throughout the entire Oak wood flooring production process.



Investing in forest for all our futures

For every tree that we use another will be planted to sustainably maintain our natural environment for the future well-being of everyone. We want our grand-children to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful tree that is Oak, whether that is in its natural forest setting or expertly engineered to provide a warm and cosseting environment. All of this explains why we insist on our sustainable reforestation process that is implemented at every opportunity.

We are the leaders in the field, in terms of both the technology that we utilise and the aesthetics that we deliver in the finished product. We always research new techniques and ideas to fully ensure that we supply you with the most hard wearing and aesthetically beautiful solutions for all of your Oak wood flooring needs.

Paying attention to detail, whether producing or delivering our Oak Flooring, means we deliver results. We know that the durability, elegance and beauty of our products are key to your satisfaction.

Dacha Oak basically provides everything to do with Oak flooring. In our opinion, when compared to other flooring solutions, only Oak Flooring has a special inner beauty and durability that will stand the test of time.

We deliver Oak wood flooring to your door

At Dacha Oak we are a leading supplier of Oak wood flooring solutions priding ourselves both on the expert service that we deliver and in the inherent beauty of our Oak floors.

Get in touch for friendly advice regarding all your Oak wooden floor questions

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