Quality Engineered and Solid Oak Flooring in Wiltshire

If you’re interested in quality real engineered or solid oak flooring at the right price, look no further than Dacha Oak. We have sold and supplied oak flooring to customer’s right across the county of Wiltshire, from Salisbury and Swindon to Chippenham and Trowbridge.

We can also provide advice on the various options available to you and help with advice on to smooth your installation process, regardless of whether you want timber flooring in Melksham or Bradford Upon Avon.

Oak flooring in Wiltshire

Although the climate in Wiltshire itself doesn’t fluctuate as much as some areas of the country, our customers have great piece of mind that their oak flooring will not be affected by the weather. Some wood will shrink or expand depending on the temperature and conditions, which is rather worrying if global warming gets any worse.

But you can rest assured that our flooring solutions will stand the test of time. In fact, our engineered oak floorboards are up to 75 per cent more stable than other solid wood floorboards, which means shrinkage and expansion is reduced to a minimum.



Check out our products and accessories

Together with our engineered and solid oak floorboards, we also have a number of other timber products to make any project that bit easier and quicker to complete. These include a range of wooden mouldings, skirting boards and architraves.

What’s more, our engineered and solid timber floorboards are always in stock and ready to be used. This is because they’re stored in a modern, totally climate-controlled environment, which maintains an appropriate temperate and humidity level for our wood at all times. Therefore, your floorboards won’t suffer from any unwanted warping after installation has been completed.

We have an outstanding commitment to sustainability

Despite the fact we naturally prioritise the customer at all times, we also have a commitment to the environment too. Seeing as we want to promote sustainability with what we do, every time a tree gets used for our timber floorboards, another one is planted directly in its place. It is this kind of eco-friendly outlook and good husbandry practice that sets us apart from industry competitors.

We know how important both quality and price are for our customers, but knowing that their choice of oak floorboard doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment is yet another benefit. We want future generations to use and benefit from the planet’s natural resources, an attitude warmly welcomed by our customers in Wiltshire and beyond.

True quality and great prices

When you buy floor boards from us, you know you are getting the best quality products at the best price possible. This is because we source all our timber from the finest forests in Europe and have complete control over the entire process, from initial selection and sourcing to final production and engineering.

Our own sawmill and its associated processing facilities enable us to cut out the cost of the middleman too, which is another way we can keep standards high and prices low for you.

For more information about engineered and solid oak floorboards in Wiltshire, call us today or get in touch using our contact us page.