A guide to oak flooring in Sussex

The look and feel of your home or business can be transformed if you decide to replace the carpets and tiled areas with oak flooring. Not only does oak flooring improve with age, it can actually add value to the price of your home or property.

However, you might not know which wood to choose, how much you’ll be paying and what the installation process involves. Therefore, Dacha Oak has devised this guide to oak flooring, which should tell you everything you need to know. We have supplied oak flooring in Sussex, Surrey, Essex, London and even further afield across the UK.

Types of wood

• Solid oak – These floorboards are made from one piece of timber and are very much a prize wood. Solid oak floorboards are completely natural and perfect for those wanting the real thing. But this does mean they can shrink in cold conditions and expand when the temperature increases.

• Engineered oak – This option incorporates other materials to eliminate the problems that come with solid oak and for economy. Engineered oak floorboards still come in a wide variety of grades to suit every property or premises, but reduce the possibility of shrinkage and expansion.

• Laminate – Very much a cheap and cheerful option, laminate flooring looks like wood but is just a thin layer of decor paper placed under a tough protective film. Although laminate flooring is durable and easy to install, it doesn’t look as good as oak alternatives and can easily chip and fracture, exposing the MDF layer beneath which is then subsequently easily damaged by friction, heat, cold and liquid spillage.




The cost of installing oak flooring in your home or place of business will depend on how big the area is. On top of that, the style you go for and the type of grade will also make a difference.

Here at Dacha Oak, we have a simple and straightforward price list to help you decide how much you’re willing to pay for floorboards, skirting boards and architraves. What’s more, discounted prices for quantities over 30m2 are available too.


Again, the installation process for your Oak flooring will depend on the wood you select. Self-assembly laminate flooring can be put together fairly quickly, but for solid oak and engineered oak, the help of a professional is advisable.

The installation process usually requires specialist tools and techniques, so it is vital you select an experienced and knowledgeable tradesperson, such as a carpenter, to carry out the work. Before engaging anyone, ask to see examples of their previous work installing Oak flooring including testimonials and photographs wherever possible to verify their professionalism.

Whether you are based in Sussex, and looking for a new Oak floor or elsewhere in the country, there are many websites where you can find both customer reviews and the contact details of local professional tradespeople that can help you to get a good Oak flooring job done.

Caring for your floor – A Quick Guide

Despite the fact oak flooring is remarkably durable, there are some steps and measures that you should take to make sure it continues to look great.

• Vacuum regularly – Small stones and gravel can scratch or scruff the surface of the Oak wood floor, so try and vacuum your floor regularly to avoid this from happening.

• Clean up spills and avoid water – Liquids can easily seep into the grain of the wood, particularly if it does not have a specialist protective finish, so clean up any spills quickly. You should also avoid cleaning or mopping the floor with water, as this can cause damage through shrinkage of the Oak flooring planks.

• Use the right cleaning products – Some oil-based soaps and waxes may damage your floor, so only using cleaning products the manufacturer recommends is a wise idea.

For more information about oak flooring in Sussex or across the UK, get in touch with Dacha Oak today.