Should you choose solid oak or engineered oak flooring?

There are several major reasons why you might want to have oak flooring installed in your home or place of business.

As well as being incredibly attractive, oak flooring will stand the test of time and even improve with age developing a rich patina! But today consumers are faced with the decision to choose between solid oak and engineered oak flooring. But what are the main differences and which one should you choose?

At Dacha Oak, we specialise in both of these options and are on hand to provide customers with tailor-made solutions and advice. On top of that, we can supply oak flooring in Surrey, Suffolk, Sussex and various other counties in the UK too.

Solid oak floor

Solid oak floorboards are made solely from one piece of real Oak timber. Although oak can be found in various regions around the world, Dacha Oak sources its wood from only the best sources across Europe. We offer a Character Oak grade, which looks great in older, traditional properties and a Rustic Oak grade, which is better suited to barn conversions, pubs and restaurants.

Solid oak is very much a prized wood in flooring due to its innate durability and availability. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. Seeing as it is a completely natural material, there are sometimes limitations when it comes to size in terms of length and width. But at Dacha Oak, we manufacture solid oak flooring to 20mm thickness and in widths ranging from 120mm up to 260mm.

Another negative is that solid oak can contract in cold conditions and expand when the weather gets hot. This is a natural reaction for every wood species and the majority of homes should not notice any difference throughout the changing seasons. In the UK, even in the home-counties such as Surrey, Essex and Middlesex, damp can be an ever present issue due to the weather!



Engineered oak floor

In contrast, engineered oak floorboards incorporate other materials, which attempt to eliminate the problems experienced with solid oak. At Dacha Oak, our engineered oak is up to 75 per cent more stable than solid oak, meaning that shrinkage and expansion are reduced to a minimum.

Prime grade is our finest engineered oak available and provides a clean and neutral colour. Character grade has more presence whereas Rustic grade features larger knots and colour variation. All of these can be used with under floor heating, while the engineered construction allows for more accurate machining and a higher quality finish.

Although some people don’t like the idea of not having the real thing, our engineered flooring here at Dacha Oak has to satisfy stringent ecological goals. At the core of the floorboard you’ll find Alder, a type of hardwood, which grows alongside Oak in the Ukrainian forests where we source our timber. This also results in an 80 per cent glue saving compared to the production of plywood based engineered oak flooring which, in these eco-friendly times, is an important consideration.

Which should you choose?

A lot will depend on your property or premises when it comes to making a decision. In traditional homes or restoration projects, genuine solid oak will look great and probably last for many lifetimes, it can also be sanded down many times if desired when it becomes damaged or tatty which may be of importance to you. But in places of business or busy family households, engineered oak might be the better option due to its resistance to shrinkage, warping and general economy. To discuss your options for oak flooring in Surrey, contact Dacha Oak today, we are always more than happy to discuss our client’s needs and will never try the hard sell on you!