Quality Engineered and Solid Oak Flooring for Oxfordshire

Here at Dacha Oak, we proudly sell only the finest engineered and solid oak floorboards at the best prices around. We are capable of selling and supplying oak floorboards across Oxfordshire, regardless of whether you live in Abingdon, Bicester, Witney or Didcot.

What’s more, we can offer good advice about which option would be best for you and provide expert assistance to help you with the installation process. So, if you’re updating your domestic property in Oxford or remodelling a business Banbury, then Dacha Oak can help out.

Oak flooring in Oxfordshire

Despite the fact Oxford doesn’t suffer from extreme weather conditions, changes in temperature can cause wood to expand or shrink. This can be quite worrying if you’re thinking of purchasing oak floorboards, especially if our harsh winters and warm summers get any worse.

Thankfully, our engineered wood and timber floorboards are incredibly hardwearing and very durable. Not only will they stand the test of time, our engineered oak floorboards, for instance, can be used for under floor heating too. This will come as welcome news for those wanting to achieve a cosy, traditional and homely look.



Dacha Oak’s products and accessories

Although Dacha Oak specialises in engineered and solid oak floorboards, we also sell a range of other timber products to help you complete your renovation or redecoration project on time and on budget. These include oak mouldings, skirting boards and architraves.

Furthermore, regardless of which option you choose, it will be ready to use and install straight away. This is thanks to our state of the art, climate controlled facility, which maintains an appropriate temperature and humidity level at all times. Therefore, once installation has taken place, your floorboards won’t suffer from any unwanted warping.

Dacha Oak’s sustainability promise

In addition to helping out the customer in any way we can, we are by nature well and truly committed to the environment. Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do, which is why every time a tree gets used for our timber floorboards, another one gets planted in its place.

We believe that the planet’s natural resources and forests should be available to be used and enjoyed by all future generations. So, along with good husbandry, we will ensure that this sustainability initiative is adhered to at all times. We believe this positions us above and beyond our competitors in Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK.

Quality and price

Seeing as we have complete control over the entire process, from initial sourcing and production to engineering and final finishing, We can deliver the very best quality and price to customers. Our state of the art sawmill and its associated processing facilities enables us to cut out middleman as well, which keeps standards high and prices very low and competitive.

All of our timber is sourced from the finest forests in Europe, which also provides great reassurances to our customers. Wood from many locations across the globe is simply not up to scratch as we only source the very best timber available in Europe.

So, if you live in Oxfordshire and are interested in purchasing and installing oak floorboards get in touch with us today. Either call or use our contact us page.