Proudly providing Oak flooring London

Here at Dacha Oak, we are the premier supplier of solid Oak flooring plus engineered Oak flooring and Oak mouldings in London. The aesthetic beauty and strength of all of our Oak products is something that we take great pride in.

With our commitment to quality, expertise and service we are second to none and have rapidly established Dacha Oak as the partner that you can truly rely on for the provision of perfect Oak solutions across the capital city of London.

Our Sawmill and Factory

Provide the highest quality Oak for London. With our very own state-of-the- art sawmill and factory facilities we enable you to cut out the middleman going straight to the source of the beautiful hardwood flooring solution that is Oak.

Having our own Oak production facilities means that we source our Oak directly from the best sources across Europe. We are in control of the entire sourcing, production and finishing process meaning that the high quality of our products is assured from the selection of the best trees to supply to your doorstep.



Installing beautiful hardwearing Oak Flooring solutions

Installing Oak flooring correctly across London is a specialist job.  It is important to select only the most hardwearing product, for both long life and true lasting beauty. This is especially true nowadays with the ever changing weather conditions across from North to South London and East to West London.

These warm and dry conditions, when followed swiftly by cold and damp conditions, will potentially stress and damage inferior wood flooring. This is why you should consider selecting Oak because it is naturally resistant to London’s changeable climate. Dacha Oak are perfectly positioned to help you with our many years of specialist experience. Our numerous satisfied customers can attest to the quality of our Oak flooring that has been installed across London and further afield.

We are the best partner for your Oak flooring solution

Dacha Oak’s philosophy has rapidly established us as the perfect partner for architects, designers and property developer’s specialist Oak flooring projects across both central London and greater London.

We have available, and in stock, a wealth of Oak flooring products, accessories and Oak mouldings ready for you to choose from. From our meticulously graded solid Oak flooring and engineered Oak flooring right through to specialist Oak mouldings, we have what you are searching for right here in our climate controlled Oak storage facilities.

Sustainability is key to preserving the future of our forests

Dacha Oak only select the highest quality Oak logs and timber, wherever possible from sustainable forests in Europe.

Our firm commitment to environmental responsibility means that many of our Oak products are FSC certified which shows how seriously we take our ecologically friendly stance.

Leaders in quality Oak procurement and provision

As renowned leaders in the field we are continually researching new ideas, trends and techniques so that we produce and supply  you with the most durable, innovatively designed and aesthetically pleasing options for all of your Oak hard wood flooring requirements.

We pride ourselves in our customer service procuring Oak Flooring across London and the suburbs.

The unparalleled quality of our products and the professionalism of our personal service are key to your satisfaction and, at the end of the day, a job well done whether in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair or Clapham.

Many different flooring styles

Finished floors, of course, come in many different styles such as Wood Parquet floors, Versailles wood panels, Laminate flooring, wood look tiles, vinyl tiles, Carpets and Cushion flooring but, in our humble opinion, only traditional Oak Flooring, whether in engineered  laminate or solid Oak, has the lasting beauty and resilience that you will be looking for.

Contact us today for all your Oak needs

Our friendly and experienced specialist Oak flooring advice is available whenever you need it.

Whatever you are looking for, from the highest quality Oak flooring solution to the best method of installation, please get in touch and share the breadth of our experience.

Contact Clark Evans on 01938 500 283 if you are based in Northern England, The Midlands, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

Contact Andrew Dickson on 0747 6283091 if you are based in Southern England, the South East, London or Essex