Quality Engineered and Solid Oak Flooring in Hampshire

Here at Dacha Oak, we sell and supply top quality, competitively priced engineered and solid oak flooring in Hampshire and further beyond too! No matter where you’re based, from Southampton and Portsmouth to Basingstoke and Winchester, we are here to help with all your wooden floor requirements.

What’s more, we always will strive to help you to complete any project both on time and on budget across Hampshire, whether it be Waterlooville, Aldershot, Farnborough or Gosport.

Oak flooring in Hampshire

Seeing as several cities and major towns in Hampshire are situated close by the sea, it can be warm and dry one day, but then cold and wet the next! These extreme changes in the climate can cause some wood to shrink or expand, which is far from ideal for timber floors.

But with our engineered timber solutions, you won’t have to worry about this, as our product is incredibly resistant to Hampshire’s highly variable weather conditions. On top of that, Dacha Oak is always on hand to provide expert advice about the different grades available and can help you to install durable and desirable engineered oak flooring at the best price possible.



Dacha Oak’s products and accessories

You can rely on Dacha Oak having your choice of engineered wood ready and in stock, available for whenever you need to have it delivered. Our timber is stored in a state of the art purpose built climate controlled environment, which maintains appropriate temperature and humidity levels at all times. This ensures it is ready to use straight away and helps avoid unwanted warping issues after installation.

In addition to our professionally graded engineered oak flooring, we also sell an extensive range of matching wood mouldings, skirting boards and architrave as well as various other timber products to get the job done promptly and proficiently.

We are committed to sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority with our company, which we take very seriously. So for instance, whenever we use a tree, another one is always going to be planted in its place. With our good husbandry and commitment to the environment, we are sustainably managing the natural forest environment for the future wellbeing of everyone.

We have a great responsibility to be good housekeepers of the land and believe that this sets us apart across Hampshire and further beyond. Dacha Oak endeavours to be at the cutting edge of our industry and wants to deliver true excellence with everything that we do. Although this includes sustainability, it also concerns providing customers with the best product possible at the right price.

Our unbeatable value and quality

Owing to the fact we have our own ultra-modern sawmill and all of the associated processing facilities under our control, we can cut out the middleman and provide customers with unrivalled value for money.

Our timber is sourced exclusively from across the natural forests in Europe, so we really do have complete control over the entire process, from initial sourcing to production and final engineering. This guarantees the very best quality will be delivered to our customers always.

For more information about solid and engineered oak flooring in Hampshire and beyond, give us a call today or get in touch using our contact page.