Quality Engineered and Solid Oak Flooring in Gloucestershire

For top quality oak flooring at the very best price in Gloucestershire, you’ve come to the right place. Dacha Oak will always sell and supply only the finest solid and engineered oak floorboards to customers in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and Cirencester.

We can also provide expert advice about which option would be the best for you and offer dedicated support throughout the installations process too. Regardless of whether your business in Dursley or home in Innsworth-Churchdown needs new wooden flooring, Dacha Oak is on hand to help out.

Oak flooring in Gloucestershire

Even though Gloucestershire, being centrally located, doesn’t experience extreme changes in climate throughout the year, both the Great British winter and occasional hot summers can cause wood to shrink or expand! Wood is, after all, a natural product and so some movement should be expected. This may be slightly worrying news for those wanting to install oak floorboards in their home or place of business, especially if we start to witness worsening weather in the years to come. It is only really these occasional weather extremes that can cause the real problems.

But there is no cause for concern with Dacha Oak’s engineered floorboards, as they are extremely durable and very hardwearing. On top of that, they are 75 per cent more stable than solid oak floorboards and can even be used with under floor heating too.



Dacha Oak’s products and accessories

Despite the fact we have a wide range of different oak floorboard options with varying grades, widths, finishes and colour tints, Dacha Oak can also supply additional timber products, such as oak mouldings and skirting boards, to help you to successfully complete your renovation project on time and on budget.

Furthermore, our oak floorboards can be used and installed straight away thanks to Dacha Oak’s state of the art, climate controlled buildings. This keeps timber at an appropriate temperature and manages humidity levels to prevent any unwanted warping from occurring after installation. Our products are ready to use straight from our storage facilities!

Dacha Oak’s sustainable approach

Here at Dacha Oak, we believe that natural resources, such as the forests where we source our wood, should be sustainability managed so future generations can benefit from them just like us. Therefore, whenever we use a tree for our oak floorboards, another gets planted right in its place.

This good husbandry approach and commitment to the environment is reassuring for eco-friendly consumers and positions Dacha Oak ahead of industry competitors in Gloucestershire and beyond.

Dacha Oak’s unrivalled quality and price

Owing to the fact we have control over the entire process, from sourcing of sustainable wood to treatment at our ultra-modern facilities, Dacha Oak delivers oak floorboards with unrivalled quality. And by cutting out the middleman, we can offer our customers the very best prices as well.

Every year, we sell over 50,400 square metres of solid and engineered oak floorboards in the UK, all of which come from forests in Europe to keep standards high and costs down.

If you live in Gloucestershire and would like to discover more information about our oak floorboard options, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call or use our contact page and we will strive to answer your query as quickly as possible.