Quality Engineered and Solid Oak Flooring in Buckinghamshire

Here at Dacha Oak, we sell the finest solid and engineered oak floorboards available to buy in Buckinghamshire at the very best prices online. From businesses in High Wycombe to homes in Aylesbury, we want to help out with any renovation or rejuvenation project that you may have.

We do this by providing our expert advice about the various options available and ongoing support during the installation process. So, irrespective of whether you live in Amersham, Chesham or ancient Hazlemere (home to the famous Hazlemere Golf Club), find out how Dacha Oak can be of assistance.

Oak Flooring in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire’s geographic location means that it doesn’t suffer from severe weather conditions, but this doesn’t mean to say cold winters and hot summers won’t affect your floorboards. In certain changeable climates, wood can expand or shrink, which is the last thing you want when choosing to install oak floorboards.

However, Dacha Oak’s engineered oak floorboards are manufactured to an incredibly high standard, meaning they will stand the test of time and won’t be affected by extreme hot and cold temperature variations. However, our solid oak floorboards are still a viable option for those wanting a more natural and traditional look.



Dacha Oak’s products and accessories

In order to lend a helping hand, Dacha Oak can supply you with a range of other timber products such as oak mouldings, skirting boards and architraves on top of our engineered and solid oak floorboard solutions.

Furthermore, our products are ready to use and install straight away, as they are stored in a state of the art, climate controlled facility. By keeping our oak floorboards carefully stored in an environment with the right temperature and humidity levels, they won’t suffer from any unwanted warping issues after installation.

Dacha Oak’s sustainability promise

Sustainability is a big issue at the moment, as we are using up the earth’s natural resources at a fairly rapid rate. But at Dacha Oak, we prioritise good husbandry and eco-friendly initiatives in order for future generations to benefit from beautiful oak trees just like we have.

Therefore, for every tree we use to produce our solid and engineered oak floorboards, another one gets planted in its place because we think that this is the right thing to do! This commitment to sustainability is very reassuring for our customers and positions us above other oak floorboard suppliers in Buckinghamshire who may not offer this assurance.

Dacha Oak’s quality and price

From sourcing and tree felling to treatment, manufacturing and distribution, Dacha Oak has complete control over the entire process. What’s more, our ultra-modern sawmill and associated buildings and processing facilities enables us to cut out the middleman because we do everything in-house!

This means we can also keep the standards high in terms of the quality and finish of our wood as well as giving our customers the very best price! Seeing as Dacha Oak sells over 50,000 square metres of wood annually in the UK, a great many people would no doubt agree!

If you live in Buckinghamshire and have any questions or queries about how we can help you, get in touch with Dacha Oak today. Give us a call or use our contact page and we’ll aim to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.