Engineered Oak Flooring London wide

Should you be searching online for the very best in engineered oak flooring in London at the best price then we can help you in your quest here at Dacha Oak! You may want to fit a new hardwood floor in the West End or City of London; wherever you are we are ready to help you!

Providing our engineered Oak flooring products with pride from Docklands in the East across to Chelsea in the west means we cover central London with aplomb! Our Oak flooring has also been successfully installed as far afield as Greenwich, south of the river, right up to Chingford in the very North of London.

Whatever your needs are and wherever you have engineered hardwood or oak floor requirements we can assist, whatever the size and location of your flooring project!

Ensuring the optimal condition of our Oak

With our own climate controlled facilities, where our Oak and hardwood is securely stored ,we help you to ensure that your flooring products are in the most perfect condition and as free as possible from those undesirable and unexpected warping issues that can occur from time to time after the job is done.

Our aim is simple, to help you to get your job completed successfully and on budget every time.



Our emphasis is on quality and sustainability

The future wellbeing of our woods and forests is imperative so that future generations can enjoy them in the future. We therefore look to replace any tree that is felled by planting new young saplings as soon as possible.

The natural beauty of trees is something to be maintained for all to appreciate. We happily do our best to ensure that this will always remain the case.

Engineered Oak flooring naturally takes the weather

As a specialist floor installer you need to ensure that the wood that you choose stands up to the changeable weather that occurs across London due to its closeness to the river Thames and the English Channel and the sometimes sweaty and fume filled smoggy environment that we know.

With a maritime climate, London has many challenges caused by its climactic conditions. Hot and dry weather can give way to cold and damp conditions in the blink of an eye so you must ensure that the wood flooring that you select does not warp and change size and shape post installation.

Why choose our engineered oak solutions for your project in London?

We stay in total control of the whole job of engineered oak flooring in London – a process assuring total quality because we have our own access to our own forest, our own sawmill and our own factory to process the wood in. In this way you will benefit from the highest quality available at the best prices to suit your own individual requirements.  Simply get in touch with us today and we will show you exactly what we can do for your business.

We take great pride in building partnerships to last and always look to build relationships with our floor installers for the long term, not just for today! We are proud of our history and look forward to doing our bit well into the future, helping you to install something truly beautiful and timeless for your clients!