We have been selling Eastern European oak products into the UK since 1997

Our managers have many years of active experience in the timber industry, with thorough specialist knowledge of oak and the production process.

Dacha Oak sell over 50’400 square metres annually into the UK.

Hardwood planks

From Start To Finish

We are in complete control of the entire process, from tree felling to manufacturing the products and distribution to our customers.

Our manufacturing process begins in the forests, where our experienced team selects the most suitable logs. On arrival at our sawmill logs are sawn into specific widths and stored in our air drying facility for up to four months. We know the traditional method of air drying oak prior to kiln drying is paramount, as it minimizes patches of uneven colour.

The timber is then transferred into our drying kilns for four weeks. Once the timber has been kiln dried to the optimum moisture content it is packed into individual widths ready for machining. The oak is then graded and allocated to produce each premium product

Our Friendly Dacha Oak Sales Team

Based in the UK, we are on hand to answer any queries you may have, or advice needed for the best informed choice.

Trade enquiries are also welcome.